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While I was pondering what to write about in my first post, someone asked me this, and it seems like a good place to start.

We believe that different dogs have different needs. Not all dogs enjoy pack life. Some dogs prefer human companions over other dogs. There are dogs that don’t mind being left by themselves while others become terribly anxious when alone. We know dogs that feel secure in a crate and others that cannot bear to be caged. Such things depend on each dog’s temperament and life experiences. So no, we do not think our way is best for all dogs.

We offer a service that is exclusive to dogs that enjoy living freely and peacefully with other dogs inside our home.

Putting our premise into practice is not easy. It requires that we study dog behavior and know breed characteristics. We have respect for aggressive dogs, acknowledging that they can be good companions, protectors, and workers, but they are generally not a good fit for the peaceful environment we cultivate at Never Alone.

Daisy is an example of a dog we love that is not a good fit for us. She is a small Terrier mix – super smart, energetic, athletic, and fearless. She wants to keep playing long after everyone else is exhausted. Daisy’s crate is a calming space when she is with her owner, but she does not tolerate being crated when she’s here. The other dogs become visibly distressed by her loud protests. Unfortunately, we cannot meet Daisy’s need to be crated while meeting the needs of the rest of our pack.

We risk offending some dog owners when we discern that their dog is not a good fit for our home. We regret having to say no after evaluating some dogs, but we are proud to prioritize the well-being of our pack. This is the primary way that we provide extraordinary care.

For the love of dogs,