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Never Alone
What We Provide

Never Alone specializes in overnight care for large breed dogs, providing a unique, crate-free experience in Ranson, WV. Our services cater to dogs that thrive in a free and harmonious environment with other canine companions. We transform our home into a haven for our furry guests, allowing them the liberty to roam, play, and rest both indoors and outdoors.

One of our standout offerings is our convenient pick-up and drop-off transportation service. We understand the busy schedules of our clients and aim to make their lives easier by offering door-to-door transportation for their beloved pets. This service ensures a seamless experience for both the dogs and their owners, from the comfort of their home to the cozy environment of our house.

In our home, dogs enjoy a range of amenities including comfortable beds, bowls, toys, and treats. Owners need only to provide their dog’s kibble for two meals a day. Our spacious backyard, enclosed by a six-foot privacy fence, offers ample space for exercise and play.

We pride ourselves on serving a limited number of client families. This approach guarantees that each member of our pack receives the attention and care they deserve, making our home their ideal home away from home. Our exceptional care begins the moment we pick up your dog from your doorstep and continues until we lovingly return them home after their stay.

extraordinary care

Safety First

We have eyes on our pack members almost all of the time. We occasionally let some dogs play out of our sight, but only if they know each other well.


Our vehicle is a mini-van with all the seats folded into the floor, a wall-to-wall carpet, a bowl of fresh water, a dog bed, and other supplies.


We serve a small number of client families so that we are never too full to care for a member of our pack.

Staying in Touch

Throughout a dog’s stay, we send updates, photos, and videos to their families to keep them informed.

Cage Free

We do not use crates, kennels, or closed rooms, and we do not separate the dogs from one another.

Easy Contact

A text is all that is needed to schedule a reservation. We pick up early in the morning or in the evening depending on the client’s departure time.


We have a yard big enough for the dogs to run and play fetch. We will take our guests on neighborhood walks if they are easy walkers and not a flight risk.


We comb and deodorize the dogs as needed while they are here. We do not have a grooming facility, so we appreciate our pack members arriving clean and with trimmed nails.

Special Delivery

After our clients return from travel, we deliver their dog to them. An owner must be home to receive their dog in person.

Sharing is Caring

The more the dogs share, the closer their bond becomes. Our pack members share toys, beds, and water bowls. All of these items are cleaned often in hot, soapy water.

Easy Payment

We send a QuickBooks invoice to the client by email on the last day of their dog’s stay with us, and we accept credit card payments online.

A Good Night's Sleep

We allow the dogs to sleep on dog beds in our bedroom or anywhere else in the house. Wherever they are comfortable for good night’s rest!