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our story

We both grew up with dogs who were our best friends. Between the two of us, we have more than 100 years of experience loving dogs.

In 2013 Sandy had a home office job in Leesburg VA, and friends occasionally asked her to keep their dogs while they were on vacation. Word spread and our clients continue to come from referrals. We decided early on to limit the number of families we serve so that we can give plenty of attention to our guests.

Frank retired from Lockheed Martin in Denver and relocated to Northern Virginia to be with his son and grandchildren. His retirement plan was to take care of dogs. Soon after Frank moved here, the man who was nicknamed “dog boy” when he was a kid met a dog girl. We were married in 2020.

We experience great joy in loving these dogs, watching them grow, and facilitating their relationships with each other. Our corporate backgrounds inform the way we do business – we are professional, trustworthy, and reliable. Providing extraordinary care for our clients’ dogs is our calling.

our faith

We believe that every person has a unique blend of gifts and talents. As children, Frank and I both found comfort with our pet dogs in the face of difficult circumstances. We sought out the company of dogs more often than connection with people.

Rather than allowing our brokenness to keep us from being useful, God has crafted it into a way that allows us to be of service to others. We give our clients peace of mind. Our client families are able to travel without any worries about their dogs while they are away. This is our calling. We provide extraordinary care for dogs because these wonderful creatures bring us feelings of peace and joy.

Our faith has a profound effect on how we interact with the dogs entrusted to our care. We teach them with tender mercy. We believe that we have authority over animals, but we are never to use our authority against them. Our authority comes with a responsibility to be loving caregivers of what God has put under our control. We love and care for our pack with this heartfelt conviction. We are not perfect, but our core values are strong.

we love and care for our pack

One of our standout offerings is our convenient pick-up and drop-off transportation service. We understand the busy schedules of our clients and aim to make their lives easier by offering door-to-door transportation for their beloved pets.

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