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Never Alone
Your Dog’s Rate
We charge $75 and up per night for one dog, depending on their temperament, habits, and needs. We offer a 20% discount for two dogs. The rate for each dog is quoted after we have completed our evaluation process.

Kennels charge by size/weight because they are filling different sized cages. We are very different. We do not quote a rate for a dog until after it has been evaluated and this is why:  We don’t use cages or crates.

Some factors that might make the rate higher include:

  • Reactive barking – for example, barking when they hear a noise outside or see a person walking by. When one dog barks, the others will likely bark, which is disruptive.
  • Cannot walk up or down stairs – our bedroom is on the second floor, but we sleep downstairs with dogs that are old or sick.
  • Medications – including pills, topicals, or injections.
  • Special food prep or storage – we prefer to feed kibble only but will feed other types of food if necessary.
  • Heavy shedding or slobbering

we are different